​​​​Conscious living connects us to our authentic selves and uncover and reveals

our unique purpose and responsibility in our natural world.

KNOW a higher power

Believe in a bigger plan where we coexist with all of creation, a higher power, an intelligence that's bigger than us that we can rely on. 


FREE your mind

Free your mind to expand from what "you've always known" (you think you know) allow it to dissolve the internal filters that get in the way of your personal evolution.


CONTRIBUTE to family & community

When we invest ourselves in our family and community we open up great untapped reservoirs in our own human nature.


CONNECT with all life

We are all connected in the web of life! We are no better or less than any living element on earth. We have our place and purpose here and must live in harmony and balance with all or become instinct.


SHARE your unique story

My authentic story is about being an artist who creates interactive sculptures with narratives/concepts that remind us to embrace our place to the natural world!

What's your authentic story? Are you sharing it?


NURTURE emotional health

Each day, when I wake up, I check-in with myself to make sure I am not carrying any negative feelings from the day before.  If I am, I process them in one of three ways:

1. I accept and own them.
2. I choose not to accept them and take steps to resolve them that day.
3. I let them go, so I can open myself to more, exciting opportunities!

Any thing bugging you right now? What are you going to do about it?


NOURISH physical health

We carry over 30 different types of water within us!  Each plays an important function in our bodies for immediate and long-term physical health.

How much water did you drink today? In general, we are all dehydrated. I drink 64 oz. of quality alkaline water each day to improve mental clarity and physical health.


​​​​BEGIN each day anew

Each morning I spend time appreciating and feeling grateful that I get another chance to create and share more meaningful moments on this earth.


LIVING WELL is a personal practice  I created to nurture, protect and expand my creative life.

It is the result of many years of self discovery working with amazing mentors, studying and researching and receiving meaningful input from family, friends and even total strangers. In my early forties, I realized I needed to develop a strategy to combat a world that constantly wants me to be more machine than man.

Living Well is my plan!
The collection of these ideas and accompanying symbols below represent my personal physical, emotional & spiritual journey. I narrowed down my process into these eight categories to help me focus and maximize my creativity to its fullest potential every day.

I call it Living Well because it speaks to the deep, unique well-spring within each of us and, because, to live well also means to live in balance with our natural world.

As an example, the AQUATROPE was created from my Living Well plan and brings those concepts to life. And since water connects all life, it became the natural vehicle to hold my nature centric ideas together.